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Request Your Fast Track Appointment

To provide the best care is to provide timely care. In order to do so I have created an Early Arthritis Referral Program to provide early access to patients with inflammation-
related arthritis (e.g.,Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis) before the disease can cause irreversible joint damage.

If you believe you qualify for a fast track appointment, please submit the form below and we will schedule you to be seen as soon as possible after we have reviewed your
records. In order to expedite the process we need access to medical records, labs and X Rays.

Thanks for submitting!

Please have your medical records faxed to us at 484-237-9565 or text us
on our HIPAA secure platform KLARA using the message us button at
the bottom of this page or at 484-249-9947.

Please do not send sensitive medical information via email. This email address is not HIPAA compliant.

Please fax or text our office to share all medical records and sensitive information.

Rheumatology And Arthritis Care Center

766 W Lincoln Highway

The Commons at Oaklands

Exton, PA 19341

Office Hours:


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